Tire Service & Repair

We often roll through our lives not giving any thought to our tires, unless one of them goes flat. But did you know that proper tire maintenance is important if you want to get the maximum mileage out of a set? Improperly inflated tires can also cost you money in lower fuel economy, not to mention the safety risk of increased stopping distances and reduced traction.

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Front and rear tires have very different jobs on a car, truck, or SUV. They wear at different rates, which is why for maximum tread life it is important to get your tires rotated regularly. Something to consider is that the left and right sides wear unevenly too, due to the crown of the road and even whether we turn left or right more often. Not every tire can be mounted in every position on your vehicle; some are unidirectional, some cars use staggered sizes, but Velocity Auto Care knows the right way to handle all of them.


What if you do have a flat? A nail or other hazard in your tire does not always have to mean a new tire. If it is caught early enough, Velocity Auto Care can patch the tire to make it nearly as good as new. Sidewall cuts and blowouts are beyond repair. For minor punctures we will dismount the tire, patch it from the inside, and remount it for a lot less than the cost of a new tire.


Tires may all look uniformly round and black and rubber, but none of them are perfect. Neither are your wheels, which is why it is important to get new tires balanced when they are installed. Tires can also change over time, or from wear and tear, and they may need balancing again at any point in their useful life. If you feel a vibration or shimmy at a certain speed, or all the time, bring your car in and let Velocity Auto Care check the tires.


Time for a new set of tires? Velocity Auto Care can mount anything from the smallest compact car tire, up to off-road truck tires. We take special care of your rims too, and treat them as if they were off our own car. We take care of everything that goes with mounting a new set as well—like the valve stems, tire weights, and the tire pressure monitor system sensors. We’ll be extra careful with mounting the wheels to your car and torquing the lug nuts to spec..

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TPMS Sensors

If you have a modern car chances are it has a system to monitor the tires for proper inflation. These self-contained wireless sensors send a signal to a receiver on the car, which tells the computer a tire is over or under inflated. If your system is not working properly, a TPS in the wheel may have gone bad, or it may have been damaged while mounting new tires. The technicians at Velocity Auto Care know the ins and outs of all the latest systems and can get your working again—pronto—or make it work with new aftermarket wheels.

Let us help you keep the rubber on the road!

Please >> contact us today << if your tires are in need of replacement or repair. We always try to repair whatever tires we can, but we never want to put your safety at risk by condoning faulty tires. Stay smart – stay safe!