AC, Heat & Climate Control

Part of what makes modern cars so great is efficient air conditioning and heating systems, which can keep you cozy driving through the worst weather. If your heat blows cold—or on the flip-side if your A/C doesn’t—come in and let us fix it. Why suffer when the solution may be as simple as replacing a switch or recharging the A/C system?

Air Conditioning Repair & Recharge

We are fully qualified to service and repair A/C systems, no matter what kind of car or truck you drive. We start by capturing the R-12 or R-134a, then we fix the issue and recharge the system for like-new performance. From a tiny leak to a faulty compressor, we can fix it.

Heater Repair & Service

The heater uses no refrigerant, but instead relies upon the engine coolant, along with a system of hoses, valves, and fans. Heat or A/C that suddenly stops working can be a symptom of problem with more than the climate control, so be sure to tell your service advisor.

air conditioning repair and recharge service

Don’t be uncomfortable in your own car!

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