Brake Repair Service

It’s easy to argue that the brakes are the single most important safety component on any car. Regular brake inspections are necessary because you don’t want to find out something is not up-to-spec when you are panic braking to avoid a collision. Brake pads and shoes wear an infinitesimal amount with every stop you make—but they do wear—and need to be replaced before all the friction material has been worn off.

car brake repair and replacement

Brake System Repair

If you have noticed your brakes aren’t stopping as well as they used to, heard some grinding noises, or have seen wet spots behind the wheels, you may have a brake problem. Our service department can replace stuck or leaking calipers and wheel cylinders, swap out blown master cylinders, or change bad brake lines. We know how to reset and bleed the ABS system to like-new standards. Velocity Auto Care will have you back to stopping on a dime in no time.

repair and replacing drum brakes

Replace Worn Pads, Shoes, Rotors and Drums

Even if nothing goes wrong, the brakes on your car are built of materials that inherently wear over time. We can inspect them and let you know how long before they need to be replaced, and when the time comes we can replace them like we’ve done for hundreds of satisfied customers before.

Repairing brakes on car

Resurfacing Discs and Drums

Does your car shudder when you apply the brakes? Or squeak? Has a bad set of pads work grooves in the disc surface? Let our team pull them and turn them on our resurfacing lathe, which ensures that the entire surface is true and level. A glazed surface from stop-and-go traffic, or an uneven surface from overheating can often be fixed with just a few thousandths of an inch of metal taken off of the brake disc or drum. Why buy new, or live with an annoying brake issue when it is so easy to fix?

different car fluid bottles

Brake Flush & Fluids

Brake fluid loses some of its anti-boiling properties as it ages and absorbs moisture, so many manufacturers recommend that the brake system should be flushed every other year. The rubber and steel brake lines can also age and weaken, failing at exactly the wrong moment when you most need the stopping power. Let us make sure you have fresh, effective fluid for your system.

Schedule a brake inspection with our advisors today, just to be safe!

Please >> contact us today << if you have any questions or concerns about the health of your brake system. We take your safety seriously, and can guarantee quality, affordable brake repair and diagnostics.