Muffler and Exhaust Repair

In the days before emission controls and smog checks, the exhaust system was a relatively straight-forward setup that required little oversight until something got noticeably louder. As automakers did their part to fight pollution, the exhaust system gained catalytic converters, O2 sensors, and other important components that require more attention than traditional exhaust systems.

Velocity Auto Care can make sure your car is quiet, that it meets state emissions criteria, and that there aren’t any leaks that could potentially vent hazardous fumes into your car’s cabin.

Muffler Repair & Replacement

There was a time when mufflers were nearly universal, with just the size varying between cars. Today the factory tunes the system with computers for quiet operation, pleasant sound, and a minimum of restriction to engine performance.

If you want a more aggressive system, or a higher performing one, we can certainly install it, but we also specialize in keeping your car just as quiet or resonant as the factory intended.

new catalytic converter installation

Catalytic Converters

These are the bad-boys that keep nasty toxins from exiting your exhaust tips. While converters are typically meant to last the life of the car, or at least 100,000 miles, a poor-running engine can kill one in very little time.

Our computer diagnostic equipment can spot a bad or failing catalytic converter, so it can be replaced before it is truly a loud, smoggy problem. We all have to do our part for clean air, and a properly functioning catalytic converter is a crucial part of that responsibility.

Stay Safe With The Sound You Want!

Leaky exhaust systems are dangerous! If you think you’re in need of exhaust repair, CONTACT US TODAY so we can quickly assess the problem and recommend the safest solution.