Engine Repair & Diagnostics

It goes without saying that the engine is the most important part of your car, so you should make sure it performs at its best and doesn’t suffer premature failure.

Although cars have all kinds of computers and sensors monitoring just about every aspect, it still takes a knowledgeable mechanic to review, diagnose, calibrate and repair all the components that ensure a safe and reliable ride.

mechanic reading car trouble code on computer

Reading Trouble Codes

If your car is trying to tell you something with the Check Engine Light (CEL), we can help you figure out what it is and set it right. Our trained technicians know all the common diagnostic codes and what they mean (heck, they even know the uncommon ones, too!) Let us be your trouble-code-to-English translator.

check engine light reset and repair

Resetting The Check Engine Light

Sometimes the cause of a CEL is a simple, and may possibly be cleared with no repair needed. Often times it is a matter of a loose gas cap, a pinched wire, or a dirty sensor. Even if the cause of the light is a serious issue, it is better to fix it ASAP before it can cause other potentially more expensive problems.

car overheating warning light

Other Warning Lights & Issues

Your car’s onboard diagnostic system monitors dozens of systems, some more important than others, but all of them need to be monitored to ensure your car’s safety and longevity. Whether it’s a warning light for an airbag, traction control system, or overheating, every single one of those colorful little lights can wreak havoc on your engine if it’s not addressed quickly.

Let Us Decipher All Those Lights, Codes & Warnings!

Please >> contact us today << if your car is displaying any sort of warning light, sound or diagnostic code. We can tell you exactly what’s going on, how to fix it, and how to ensure a long life for your car.