Transmission Repair & Drivetrain Service

If your car’s engine is the most important component, the transmission is second in line, and the rest of the driveline is pretty important, as well. Our team of technicians know cars from top to bottom, front to back, and won’t neglect your car’s transmission, driveshaft, universal joints, differential, CV joints, or half shafts. We handle front and rear wheel drive, and every type of all wheel and 4-wheel drive system. Don’t wait until a weird noise or a strange vibration becomes a failure that leaves you stranded on the side of the road. The secret to a long lasting vehicle is properly looking after the entire drivetrain.

inside view of transmission diagnosis

Transmission Diagnosis

If your car is behaving erratically, revving without accelerating, not shifting, shifting too soon, or has become hard to shift, let us take it for a test drive and diagnose it for you. Our team has experience with transmission issues of all sorts, plus all the latest factory service bulletins, so they can pinpoint problems faster than you’d think. We also have the latest computers, so we can get your car to tell us exactly what is wrong.

mechanics repair a transmission

Transmission Service & Maintenance

Transmissions —whether manual or automatic— are full of their own oil, and do need to be checked and topped off occasionally, but few these days have a dipstick. Our service department knows the proper way to check and fill all makes and models of transmissions. They also know the proper interval to flush and fill the transmission fluid, even though the factory may claim it is a lifetime fluid. Remember, a skeptic would say that an automaker only cares about the car lasting until the warranty runs out.

new transmission ready for installation

Transmission Repair & New Transmission Installation

Heat kills automatic transmissions by cooking the fluid and warping internal friction surfaces. If you tow, live in a hilly area, or drive at high speeds for long periods, you may be quickly killing your automatic transmission. When it does go, see us and we can repair or replace it. If you are worried about the transmission in your car or truck, we can install an auxiliary cooler to help it live a longer, cooler life. Manual transmissions seldom fail, but when they do we can repair those too, as well as adjust and replace clutches and shift linkages when needed.

new car clutch to install

Clutch Replacement

Many people live by the notion that manual transmission cars and trucks are more fun to drive and give you more control, but they have a clutch that wears out over time. No matter if your manual is in a front, rear, or all wheel drive vehicle, we can remove and replace your vehicle’s clutch, and get you back on the road with better clamping power than you thought possible.

Shift Smoothly & Surely With Velocity Auto Care!

Keep your transmission maintained and happy for years to come! CONTACT US TODAY and let us keep your shifts smooth, your gears from grinding, and your fluids fresh and clear.