Four-Wheel Car Alignments

Most modern cars, and even some trucks, SUVs, and minivans, feature four wheel independent suspension, which offer better ride and handling. In order to optimize your tire wear, fuel economy, handling, and traction, it is important to get both the front and rear wheels aligned periodically.

Stop Throwing Money Away!

You may not notice the vague straight line wandering, or pulling to one side that are classic signs of a poor alignment, but your fuel economy could be suffering, as well as well as your tire life.

Why We’re Best

Velocity Auto Care uses precision laser measuring, calibrated alignment racks, and all the latest tools to get your vehicle back into factory specifications.

We Stay Informed

We also stay up-to-date on all the current factory service bulletins, so if there are newly revised specs since the car was built, we have them.

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Straight Away With Velocity!

If it’s time to fix (or just maintain) your car’s alignment, CONTACT US TODAY and arrange a time for us to get you pointed in the right direction again.