Cooling System Service & Repair

Keeping your car’s engine cool and stable is pivotal in maintaining its health and longevity. Long commutes, stop-and-go driving, and tough terrain can exacerbate cooling problems even more quickly. With all the different metals and fluids reacting inside your engine, and the constant expanding and contracting it experiences during normal operation, it is important to keep an eye on the cooling system for signs of trouble.

These days a simple leak may cause overheating, and then a chain reaction could go so far as to result in a blown head gasket within minute. (But not under our watch!)

coolant belts and pulley

Belts and Hoses

One of the few things under the hood that has not changed much in 50 years are the rubber bits. There are still radiator and heater hoses, and accessory drive belts that age and need replacing. If our service technicians notice cracked belts or swollen hoses during inspections or repairs, we’ll point out the issue and recommend the suggested steps toward avoiding catastrophe. Even if damage isn’t visible, tiny fissures may still exist, so our service advisors will look up the recommended service intervals and let you know when it is time.

Car mechanic is Changing new radiator

Radiator Replacement & Repair

Radiators used to be made of brass, copper, and bronze, and last for 25 years or more with no issue, as long as they were kept clean inside and out. These days, aluminum and plastic radiators still need to be kept clean, but they can also degrade with time and crack as they age (but on the plus side they tend to cool better.) No matter how old your radiator is our staff can inspect it for leaks or signs of potential failure, as well as flush, fill and repair whenever needed.

We Can Help You Keep Your Cool When Things Heat Up!

We can tackle radiator repair, hose replacement, and just about anything else related to the cooling system. >> Contact us today << to setup an appointment for anything your car needs to stay healthy.