Oil Changes, Fluid Flushing & Filters

Of course, you change the oil in your car regularly, but are you getting the other vital fluids checked, topped off, and flushed at the proper intervals? These are the lifeblood of your car, and keeping them clean and current ensures everything from your power steering to your transmission continue functioning properly and, more importantly than anything, safely for years to come.

Brake fluid absorbs moisture, which rusts the system from the inside, and lowers the boiling point; so it’s usually recommended to flush the system every other year. Diluted fluid can dramatically decrease braking power, thereby increasing overall stopping distance and putting you at risk.

Antifreeze/coolant also loses some of its effectiveness, and absorbs metal contaminants from inside the motor—which can plug tiny passages. It’s usually best to flush the radiator and refill every 2 or 3 years. Overheating is a common and costly issue for many cars, and often times preventing it is as simple as flushing out and replacing the old coolant.

Your fuel system contains filters and other components that need to be periodically changed or serviced —usually two to three years between fuel filter changes is fine, but diesels should be every year. Clogged filters rob your engine of power and can affect engine performance and reliability. Rough idle? Hesitation? Let us pinpoint the issue.

flushed fluids like oil brakes and antifreeze
mechanics oil change and fluid top off

Manual transmissions, and differentials with their own gear oil, don’t always need attention often, so around five years between fluid changes is fine, as long as it is kept full. Even tiny dirt particles can wreak havoc on gears and moving parts, and keeping fresh fluids in these areas can prevent many costly repairs.

Automatic transmissions and hydraulic power steering systems often times are considered lifetime fluids now, but that means the lifetime of the warranty, not the car; Flush and fill about every 50,000 miles.

Cabin air filters vary widely, so check your manual, or ask your service advisor. If these filters become dirty they can put excessive strain on your heating and cooling system, not to mention they won’t adequately filter dirt, pollen and other airborne contaminants inside your car.

Let’s Keep Those Fluids Fresh!

Keeping the above systems clean will ensure a long life for each. >> Contact us today << if you need any fluids drained, flushed or filled – we’ll get you back on the road in no time!