Steering & Suspension Repair

Driving and stopping are important functions of any car, but you can’t get where you want to go without a safe and secure steering system. And suspension has come a long way recently, providing cloud-like comfort compared to cars of the past. If you have worn steering components, blown shocks, sagging springs or a bent strut, it can feel like navigating a cobblestone street in the 1890s all over again.

Inner-city and off-road driving can be particularly brutal on suspension systems. The potholes in city streets cause havoc on the ride and control systems of your car, sometimes all at once, but more typically so gradually that you hardly notice in a single moment.

Shock absorber with a spring and bearing assembly

Shocks and Struts

If your car has developed a floaty or bouncy ride it may be time for new dampers. MacPherson struts not only absorb bumps and maintain traction, they also hold the wheel in the proper position for accurate steering. Shock absorbers have an easier job, but they still take a beating and -despite what some car makers say- will not last the life of the car. Let us inspect your dampers, road test your car and give you an expert opinion.

car suspension parts

Suspension & Linkage

When you turn the steering wheel, there is a system of linkage that moves the wheels. If you have worn tie rods, sway bars, or bad ball joints, you car’s wheels may seem to have a mind of their own. This extra play in the steering can make driving a stressful experience, and it causes wear on your car and tires, too. Our team can pinpoint the worn parts, replace them, and realign everything to factory specifications to get you driving on the straight and narrow again.

Hand on power streering wheel

Power Steering

Power steering is one of the modern features so common you wonder how anyone drove without it. If your car fights you in the morning when it is cold, or seems harder to steer after a spirited drive, your power steering system may need service. It could be that there is a leak and the system is low on fluid, or it could be an internal issue with the power steering pump or rack. A car with no power steering isn’t the end of the world, but it makes driving feel like work, and it can make it hard to react quickly in an emergency.

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If you suspect any issues with your suspension or steering systems, CONTACT US TODAY and setup a time to bring your ride into the shop. Our trained technicians can identify and address any issue under the sun, and look forward to helping you get on your way safely and smoothly.