Oil Change & Filter Replacement

It used to be you would get the oil changed in your car every three months, or 3,000 miles like clockwork, but today’s modern oils, filters, and cars don’t always need it quite that often. In fact, most new cars will tell you when the computer says it is time to get the oil changed. (always follow the manufacturer’s recommended schedule, even if there is a light indicating otherwise)


There may be a coupon deal at the quickie oil change place down the road, but their mechanics are not going to provide your car with the kind of care our technicians do. We keep a close eye on everything we see and touch during an oil change, and these are often the best times to inspect other systems for minor issues, catching them before they become full-blown repairs.

Don’t Skip The Oil Change!

Many mechanics will tell you that the single best thing you can do to maintain your engine’s health is regular oil changes. Manufacturers stress recommended intervals because clean, fresh oil is what your engine needs to perform at its best.

checking oil level before oil change

Keep Your Faithful Engine Purring!

When it comes time to change the oil in your ride, CONTACT US TODAY and we’ll put some much needed love into your next oil change.