Windshield Wiper Replacement & Repair

A crucial and often overlooked safety feature of your car are the windshield wipers. A dirty and streaked windshield means your vision is compromised, and you may not see the trouble in front of your until it is too late. Ironically, wiper blades don’t last as long when it is dry compared to when it rains all the time, because the rubber dies and cracks. Come in and let Velocity Auto Care install a new set of wiper blades before you get stuck in the rain with windshield wipers that don’t do their job.

new windshield wiper replacement installation

Stay Safe With New Wipers!

Your old wipers cracked, dry, or just not wiping cleanly like they should?
Please >> contact us today << and let us replace your wipers, ensuring a safe, clean windshield when you’re on the road.