Axles, Differentials & CV Joint Repair Services

The entire drivetrain of your car has to work together to get power from the motor to the wheels. In front wheel drive cars, the transaxle combines the transmission and differential into one unit, typically bolted to one side of the transverse-mounted motor. Rear wheel drive cars and trucks usually have a drive shaft with universal joints carrying power from the tranny to the differential out back.

vehicle rear differential gears

Rear Differential

If you drive a rear wheel drive truck or car, chances are there is a differential out back with gears that roll around in their own oil bath. That oil has to be changed, but not nearly as often as engine oilunless you are regularly fording streams up to your axles. Limited slip differentialswhether a Trac-Loc, Positraction, or some other namealso have clutches and spring inside that can wear out, especially if you are spinning your tires frequently. We can grease everything to spec and get things rolling again in no time.

car cv joint and axle

CV Joints

All front wheel drive vehicles, and rear wheel drive vehicles with independent rear suspension, also have axles with constant velocity joints connecting the driven wheels to the differential. If you’ve ever heard a car make a clicking noise that gets worse when you turn one direction, and better when you turn the other, you know the sound of a bad CV joint.

car suspension axle diagram


If your car has a CV joint making noise, chances are it is already too late to save it. While we can remove and replace just one CV joint, typically the other one on the same half shaft is going to go shortly. That’s why most people prefer to replace an entire axle assembly with a new or rebuilt one instead of risking having to do the same job over in a few months.

4x4 truck transfer case

Transfer Cases

Four wheel drive and all wheel drive vehicles are unique in having an extra gearbox called a transfer case, which sends power to the front and back. Depending on the type of system, it may need to be lubricated periodically to insure proper function, or need its gear oil or transmission fluid changed. If your car or truck sends power to all four wheels, ask your service advisor about what your transfer case needs to stay healthy.

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