Velocity Auto Care is here to look after your entire vehicle, and that starts under the hood with proper maintenance and service of your engine. We have all the latest diagnostic tools, and get all the same technical service bulletins the dealers do, so we know what your car needs and how to make it right. We can tune up your high mileage car and make it run like new, or keep a car of any age in tip-top shape. From the air cleaner to the oxygen sensors, we know what makes engines purr, top to bottom, inside and out.

  • Timing Chain/Belt – Probably the single biggest reason for engine failure in higher mileage cars is a worn or broken timing chain or belt. Replacing this part when required is certainly less expensive than replacing the engine, and it’s an easy step to keeping your car healthy. Our service department can tell you the proper belt replacement interval for your engine, and we can replace themand any other necessary partsquickly to get you back on the road.
  • Fuel Injection Service – Fuel today is much cleaner and more refined than it was years ago, but the onboard computers and tiny holes in fuel injectors are much more sensitive to contamination. Because of this, fuel injectors may need to be cleaned periodically, or the whole system flushed with a deposit-destroying solvent. If your car lacks power or is hard to start, especially on cold mornings, your fuel system may need more serious help, but our team can fix it.
  • Carburetors – Do you have a classic car or truck that still uses a carburetor? There is no need to worry, our service team can handle the latest direct-injected car just as well as vintage carbs. We can clean, rebuild, and calibrate your car’s carb to get it running the way it should be. Modern fuels can run leaner in factory carbs, but we can get it all dialed in to run good as new.
  • Engine Repair – We here at Velocity Auto Care have seen it all over the years, and we can certainly diagnose why your engine won’t start, has no power, overheats, or blows smoke out the tailpipe. We aren’t afraid to dig in deep and do major engine repairs that some other shops may be tempted to outsource. If your car needs a new head gasket, valve job, or even an entire rebuild, we can do it with confidence you can trust.

Engine Replacement – Surprisingly, sometimes it is easier and less expensive to replace the entire engine than go through the cost and trouble of fixing one that’s problematic beyond normal repair. Our service advisors are here to help, and we will run the numbers with you to determine which is the best way to go. Why spend thousands on parts and labor for a rebuild, when a good motor can be installed for much less?